Concierge Medicine 

The goal at Serenity Med Spa is to provide patients with an easy access to medical care and time, two things traditional medical practices are lacking off nowadays. 

Dr. Velarde, our Medical Director, wants to play a major role in your health and together create a team to improve your well being and provide you guidance through sickness. 

When you become a patient at Serenity Med Spa and Wellness, you will always be seen by Dr. Velarde. 

We are always a call or an email away. We can see you the same day or the next, we can see you at the clinic, at your home or your office. We will always be there for you. 

We have shaped Serenity Med Spa and Wellness using concepts from concierge or boutique medicine. Thus, we do not get reimbursement from commercial health plans including Medicare. Having stepped away from the tight ropes of insurance companies, at Serenity Med Spa and Wellness we are able to provide a more focused patient care, guiding our decisions based on each individual needs. 

Urgent CAre

Dr Velarde has also extensive experience as an Emergency Medicine Physician, currently also works as an ER attending in different Hospitals around to Houston Area. 

At Serenity Med Spa our patient are our number one priority, we are available at all times via telephone or email. Dr Velarde can make extended office hours and home or office visits. 

In case of travel and extended vacations (within the US) we will be able to advise you in the event of illness. 

First visit

On your first visit, Dr Velarde will personally take your medical history, listen to your concerns and goals and perform a thorough physical exam.

Chronic Illness

Dr Velarde is also trained to manage many chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Health and wellness

Dr Velarde focuses in establishing a more personal relationship with the patient. Based on the patient’s risk factors, lifestyle, age, activity and health, here at Serenity Med Spa and Wellness we will develop and tailor an individualized plan to improve your health and prevent disease.