iderm® Facial Treatment

AKA: Galvanic Facial, Hannibal Lecter Facial

The iderm® Treatment is serious skin care for the serious client who's looking to up the ante on their skincare game. The iderm® Treatment is about the subtraction of impurities from the skin, eliminating blemish-causing bacteria, and infusing the skin with healthy, water-soluble solutions of vitamins and minerals.

The iderm® Treatment utilizes two ionization processes: Cataphoresis (positive ion) and Anaphoresis (negative ion). A positive treatment causes an acidic reaction. This acidic reaction helps to firm the skin and promote new cell growth. A negative treatment creates an alkaline reaction. The alkaline reaction is used to soften the skin and stimulate circulation. Negative treatments are commonly used to loosen impacted cystic acne for deep cleansing of the skin.

Electric Facial Treatments Are Being Called the New 'Scalpel-Less Face Lift'


The new treatments aim to soften your skin with low-voltage electric currents.